Private Lessons with Garnett

The body is the physical vehicle through which we experience life. The Alexander Technique offers us a way to do the things we do with less tension. The aim is to move more beautifully.

Group lessons are a great way to be introduced to the ideas of the Alexander Technique. Groups also are an affordable way to set time aside to practice “thinking” into the body.

Private lessons allow the time and space to unwinding at your own pace in your own way. The one on one attention of a teacher’s touch evokes support and deepens awareness.

The work between a teacher and student explores practical questions: Can you sense your body? Consider how your thoughts influence posture and movements. Can you move in and out of a chair all the while releasing your neck and shoulders and continuing to breath with ease? In a lesson the teacher may have the student rest on a table, or move up and down out of a squat, or walk around the room. Students leave each lesson with homework to remember the body even in the midst of bustling life.

The cost for an Alexander Technique session with Garnett is $50 for 45 minutes. It is advantageous to take at least ten lessons approximately a week between each appointment.

Garnett practices out of the Medicine Wheel Building at 1114 East High Street, Charlottesville, VA. She is generally available on Mondays and Tuesdays but other times are possible.

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