Work With Me

I’m Garnett Mellen, teacher of the Alexander Technique. I also teach stretch, yoga, QiGong, and waltz. I am a certified personal trainer. I can help you move with more easy through the tasks of everyday living.

Private lessons via an online meeting platform are an opportunity to go further with the exploration of physical wellbeing. I usually work with my students in the following way:
+ Start with twelve 30-minute Alexander lessons over the course of two months.
+ Some students benefit from continuing to have weekly or monthly lessons.
+ Periodic blocks of 12 lessons continue to be a great way to refresh and deepen awareness of the physical body.

To arrange lessons contact me at email:

Once a student begins the journey, they will be forever changed. Contact me to begin.

The current rate for Alexander lessons is $35 per 30 minutes.

Garnett Mellen teaches the Alexander Technique. She works with private clients and orchestrating group educational events currently all online. Garnett holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Virginia and a master’s degree from Virginia Tech. She developed carpal tunnel syndrome while working at her first job after completing her graduate studies. The Alexander Technique helped alleviate the problem, which led her to pursue a more in-depth understanding of this practical technique. In 2013 Garnett completed the 1600 hours course required to become certified as an Alexander Technique teacher. She is active with her professional society, the American Society of the Alexander Technique. She became certified fed as a personal trainer in 2018. She resides in Charlottesville Virginia.