Three Ways to Pursue the Alexander Technique

There are three ways to pursue the Alexander Technique. When I say pursue the Alexander Technique I mean to wake the body up and develop the capacity to undo undue tension and stop tensions before they arise.

The traditional way to learn the Alexander Technique is working with a teacher in a private session. Private lessons usually last 45 minutes to 1 hour and a series of classes is recommended. A certified teacher has usually gone through a 1600 hour training course.

The second way to practice the Alexander Technique is by doing a lie down. Sometimes lie downs are referred to as constructive rest. (See the November 25, 2012, blog entry titled Constructive Rest.)

The third way to pursue the Alexander Technique by joining a group class which introduces the ideas and offers limited hands on work. There are several group classes available in Charlottesville. I am currently teaching through Charlottesville Parks and Recreation. UVA, Studio 206, ACAC, and several other local teachers also offer group classes.

The three practices described above can be used all together or one at a time. Of course, the Alexander Technique is the most powerful when applied in day to day life. Can we be more aware of ourselves and easier in our bodies as we get out of bed, fix meals, work at the computer, drive our cars, and socialize with friends and family?

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