Garnett Goes Virtual with Exercise Training

Need more exercise? Want to lose weight? Do you want a greater sense of vigor and vitality? Have you considered setting fitness goals? I can help. I am offering six weeks of virtual training free for anyone who has never before tried personal training. My style of personal training incorporates the directions of the Alexander Technique. Right now is a good time to stay connected and take care of yourself and your wellbeing.

I work at a local gym as an instructor, personal trainer and wellness coach. As a result of the stay-at-home-order issued mid March, the gym is just now in the early phases of re-opening. I love personal training and want to reach more people by teaching online. I am seeking new clients who will work with me for the next six weeks once a week for thirty-minute sessions. In exchange, I would ask of you three things: 1) show up with your best self, 2) give me constructive feedback regarding the program, 3) as you see fit, share your experience with several friends who would benefit from personal training. At the conclusion of the program, if you wish to continue working with me, we can discuss schedule and pricing.

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